Tiresoul supplies treads from tires for the footwear sector.

Otherwise, these tires would end up being shredded to, in the best of cases, be used to make new parts by joining these rubber granules with polyurethane glue to give them a new shape.

In most cases, it ends up as fuel, emitting a large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere.

But… What is a tyre tread?

A tread is the tire rubber that contains the pattern. Tiresoul does not manufacture treads or vulcanize any pattern. They are rubber bands with the original pattern vulcanized by the tire manufacturer. In no case are rubber granules, glues or any other chemical product used.

The size of the tread is determined by the wheel it came from. The tread widths obtained range between 11 and 18 cm. The lengths vary between 180 and 220 cm.

From each tire tread you can get 3 to 4 pairs of soles.

How are the tire treads supplied?

Depending on the quantity and thickness of the bands that are requested, the treads are sent palletized in:

Mini pallets (60x80cm)

Euro pallets (120x80cm)

200x100cm pallets.

The weight can range from 30 to 1000 kilograms per pallet.

The first question that the client should ask themselves is: What type of footwear do I want to design?


Sporty or Elegant? For exterior or interior?… The tread can have a thickness of up to 10mm, although at TIRESOUL we can adjust our product to the thickness that the client needs, depending on the design and functionality.

A thicker gauge will retain more tread than a thinner band. We can compare it to the natural wear that a tire would suffer after rolling on the road.

Below in the OUR MODELS section you can see the different drawings available.


Model V

Model C

Model I-1

Model I-2

Model I-3

Model A

For any questions about the characteristics of each Model and its most appropriate uses, do not hesitate to contact us.